Repost from The Federalist.

A special grand jury in Loudoun County, Virginia, found that a legal representative for the locality’s school board allegedly engaged in witness tampering during an investigation into the board and school administrators’ handling of a sexual assaultof a female student at the hands of a “gender fluid” boy in a high school bathroom last year.

In a report released Wednesday, the grand jury revealed that the division counsel for the Loudoun County School Board (LCSB) was “obstructionist” throughout the “witness testimony” portion of the investigation, often cutting off the board members he represented whenever “he felt certain information was about to be revealed.”

“LCSB’s counsel consistently and repeatedly objected to questions that would elicit information about a meeting or conversation that occurred when [he] was present — regardless of whether that meeting or conversation had anything to do with soliciting legal advice, or if division counsel was even a party to the meeting or conversation,” the report reads.

The jury also noted that LCSB’s counsel routinely “objected to certain questions even though he had allowed previous witnesses to answer[] the exact same question” and utilized “hand signals and other methods” to exchange information with witnesses as they testified.