Repost from The Virginia Star.

Congressman Bob Good (R-VA-05) said he won’t vote for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-21) for Speaker of the House when Republicans take the majority in the upcoming congressional session.

“Is there anything that Kevin McCarthy or the folks around him could do to persuade you to flip your vote to a yes,” Steve Bannon asked Good in a Friday interview on War Room.

“No, sir, because there’s a lot of good quality candidates, and again, there’s half a dozen of us or so who have come out in public, I believe there’s man more that will come out public and will stand strong and vote with us on January 3,” Good said.

He said that would reflect the will of the voters and help make changes to save America.

“We’re not going to get that with current leadership,” he said.

Good and McCarthy sparred at a caucus meeting earlier in November where Republicans picked the minority leader to put forward to be speaker — but in a November 16 interview on The John Fredericks Show, Good said there are enough Republicans to block confirming McCarthy as speaker in the upcoming vote before the whole House. He said that in the recent elections, conservative Republicans performed well.

“Where we didn’t do well, John, is where we had the milquetoast, weak, moderate-type leadership specifically to the House,” he said.