Repost from Revolver News.

The GOP went into Tuesday’s midterms with elevated, even exuberant hopes. And they should have. Joe Biden was a barely functional nullity with 40 percent approval. Inflation was at 40-year highs. Stocks were tanking and unemployment was rising. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a calamity. Public schools were flooded with sickening tranny propaganda. Murder was up by a third nationwide. That was all more than enough to engineer a big midterm win. Even Democratic pundits seemed to think a shellacking was inevitable. There was talk of Republicans adding thirty, forty, even fifty seats in the House, to go along with 54 senators, or even more.

That didn’t happen. On Monday, Republicans were fantasizing of a Don Bolduc upset in New Hampshire; he lost by 10 points. Promising Republican House candidates like Bo Hines lost, and the GOP even lost several incumbents on its way to a narrow House majority.

There is certainly good news as well. Lauren Boebert looks likely to survive an election night scare. We are very happy to see J.D. Vance pick up a well-deserved win in Ohio. Ron Johnson once again fended off a tough challenge in Wisconsin. Beto O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams are hopefully finished as national political figures. Kari Lake has good odds to pull off her race for Arizona governor. And, of course, Ron DeSantis’s systemic demolition of the Florida Democratic party is an inspiration to the entire country.