Repost from NBC 12.

Things appear to be going a bit smoother at the polls Tuesday night, but that was not the case this morning in Chesterfield County.

At several locations, the electronic poll books were down. This made for a stressful and confusing voting experience for many voters.

“It does concern me about how this has been run in our county,” one voter shared with NBC12 anonymously.

Several Chesterfield residents called 12 On Your Side to express their unease about their voting experience. One woman spoke to NBC12 anonymously, saying that she and her husband were given the wrong ballots.

“I was kind of in awe, and it made me nervous,” she said. “I almost had butterflies in my stomach because I didn’t know exactly what to do about it.”

She and her husband left their polling place having voted in opposite districts because her husband didn’t notice and voted in District 4, despite being registered in District 1.

“I just want to make sure that everybody’s vote counts the way they’re supposed to count,” she said. “It’s an incredibly important process, and I think local elections are very important.”

Another voter contacted NBC12 by phone and wished to be kept anonymous. He says his voting experience at Clover Hill Library in Chesterfield left him with questions.