For Voters

Election Day is upon us and we’re all on edge because we don’t know how free and transparent the election is going to be.  Some of you are working at the polls to stop as much illegal activity as you can, while others are voting to try to save our country.

I have learned of a woman who went to vote but was told she would have to vote provisional because she had been removed from the voter roll, only to find out later that someone had used her Social Security number to register to vote in another county.  What do you do if you find out or see something is wrong when you go to vote tomorrow?

You get on and make a report.  That report will be sent to attorneys and others so the problem can be dealt with.  When you get to the polls to vote tomorrow, have the site already on your phone in case you need to use it.  Once you’re done voting and leave the precinct, fill out the survey so we can learn more about your experiance, even if nothing appeared amiss.

For Poll Watchers

The job of poll watchers can be grueling and intimidating, but you are one of the main lines of defense in election integrity.  You have been through training and studied on your own so you can be prepared as possible.  Yet, what do you do if something goes wrong for you as a poll watcher, like it did for Colin Kelly in Richmond

Virginia’s very own Jon LaReau has just what you need. .Go to where you will have the tools to help you do your job.  You will be able to submit an incident report online which is monitored by lawyers and those who need to know and who can help.  Even if there isn’t an incident to report, you will find additional information that will make your job easier.

Another link you can go to in order to make a report of anything you see which you’re unsure of is

Two hotline numbers you can call are: 

Democrat Hotline – 844-482-8683. 

Republican Hotline – 804-600-4809. 

You can also contact your local party chair and/or electoral board member.