More Than Just a Red Wave is Coming

As the State Director for Virginians for America First I am often asked my opinion about what will happen on election day.  Will there be a red wave?  The answer is a qualified yes.  It’s not just going to be just a red wave, it’s going to be a red, white, and blue wave.  This election is more than Republican versus Democrat, it is Patriot versus Marxist.

When I ask groups I meet with how many have joined the fight against Marxism since 2020, more than half of those in attendance raise their hands.  Those people who have joined the fight are not fighting for the Republican Party, they’re fighting for America.  They’re fighting for the values and principles of America’s founding.  They’re fighting for our Constitution and the freedoms it has provided us through its roots in the Bible.

The Republican Party is being changed by this election, just as it was changed by the 2021 election in Virginia.  We’re not looking to elect Republicans; we’re looking to elect patriotic Americans who believe in America First Values, not only on the national level, but more importantly on the local level.  We’re not looking to compromise with the Marxists, rather we’re looking to destroy them at the ballot box.

Many of you joined the fight at that ballot box.  When the left doesn’t get their way they protest, burn cities, and try to intimidate their opponents into silence.  When we suffered through the injustice of 2020, we didn’t turn out into the streets to loot and burn, we turned toward the ballot box and fought for free and transparent elections.

The left doesn’t understand a measured response that goes to the heart of the issue, they only understand tantrums and deceit.  The only way they can win is to cheat, which they have perfected to an art form.  Whereas we used to ignore their fits and wink at their cheating, they went too far in 2020 and made it so obvious they forced us to defend our nation in real and tangible ways.

If the left really wanted to prove us wrong, they would be working harder than we are for transparent elections.  They would pull back the curtains and shine the light of truth in the dark areas they themselves have created.  

We’re on to them and they are screaming ever louder like a spoiled child that isn’t getting its way.  However, they’re not children, they’re adults.  They’re not causing a scene; they’re bringing us to the brink of disaster.  It’s time we stop treating them like spoiled brats and treat them like the enemies of the Republic that they really are.

One week from today patriots will go to the polls and despite the efforts of the domestic enemies of the Constitution, we will strike another blow for liberty.  We will continue to fight for this nation and its values in the coming years because the left must be stopped before they kill us all.  And yes, the stakes are that high.

Be an Observer Without Being a Poll Watcher

Citizen Observer Portal
Transparency is the key to deterring fraud and ensuring free and fair elections for all voters. If you are unable to work as a formal poll watcher or poll worker, you can still contribute to election transparency by using this guide, and the associated forms, including an Incident Report Form.  Online Citizen Observer Link

Video of Citizen Observer Portal

VFAF Poll Watcher Guide 

An 18 page Virginia specific guide for poll watchers downloadable in a pdf format which is chocked full of useful information.  Incident Report Forms are included.  This is so free organizations can even put their own logo on it!  Poll Watcher Guide

VFAF Election Integrity Manual 
A 46 page manual specific to Virginia that answers questions about election integrity and how to insure we keep it by explaining and then giving the tools necessary to make sure our elections are as safe and secure as possible.  

Election Integrity Manual

Voting and Counting by Hand Video 

Non Partisan Videos on Issues

Election Integrity Video

Arrogance Video

Inflation Video

Immigration Video

 Digital Poll WatcherAnother great tool developed here in Virginia is an online site that poll watchers can use while on duty.

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