Repost from The Virginia Star.

More than a quarter of a million people in Virginia immigrated to the country illegally, according to estimates, and five localities do not fully work with federal law enforcement regarding deportations.

Although the government does not have data on the exact number of immigrants who came to the country illegally, estimates for the Virginia population are usually somewhere between 250,000 and 275,000. Some proponents of stricter immigration control have warned the failure to enforce immigration laws has become a burden on local economies and has made communities less safe.

Most people in Virginia who have immigrated illegally came from south of the United States border, according to the Migration Policy Institute. About 62% came from Mexico or Central America, about 10% came from South America and another 1% came from the Caribbean, which encompasses nearly three-quarters. About 19% of people who immigrated illegally came from Asia, 5% came from Africa and just 3% came from Canada, Europe or Oceania.

About 70% of people who immigrated illegally in Virginia are employed, about 4% are unemployed and another 26% are not in the labor force.

Although most Virginia localities fully cooperate with federal law enforcement for deportations, five Virginia localities are labeled as sanctuary jurisdictions by the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports lower immigration rates and stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Some localities have disputed their inclusion on the list.