Repost from Students First VA.

Students First VA along with many supporters have been leading an effort to prevent children from being exposed to pornographic/explicit materials in schools.  The Virginia Beach School Board continues to allow children access to these harmful materials.  However, there is a way for parents to opt-out of books by title or author.  SFVA has reviewed over 100 books that have been found in Virginia Beach Public School libraries that we deem explicit/pornographic and particularly age-inappropriate for children.  These books contain language and/or illustrations of detailed descriptions of sexual excitement, how to perform sex acts, pedophilia and more.  

If you are a parent in Virginia Beach Schools and do not want your children exposed to these harmful materials, simply complete this opt-out form with the associated book list stating that you do not want your children to be exposed to these books in any way.  You may then submit the form to the school principal and librarian.