Repost from The Virginia Star.

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is planning to campaign on behalf of Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake.

Youngkin plans to travel to multiple states to endorse the Republican gubernatorial nominees such as Brian Kemp in Georgia and Tudor Dixon in Michigan.

The Virginia governor plans to hold political and fundraising events for Lake that will specifically focus on issues such as education policy, according to Politico. Education was one of the key issues that Youngkin ran on during his gubernatorial election in 2021.

According to The Hill, Youngkin said in a statement that Republicans do a better job governing than Democrats.

“Republican governors are leading the country,” Youngkin’s statement read, adding that they are creating safer and stronger communities. “Governor Doug Ducey championed hallmark education reforms and the state’s largest tax cut during his term. Arizona deserves another Republican governor.”

Youngkin has been rumored to be a possible Republican candidate for president in 2024. As of now he has not announced.