Repost from The Virginia Star.

The Hanover County School Board passed a transgender policy crafted with help from conservative legal group the Alliance Defense Fund. The policy includes an extensive process for transgender students to request access to their preferred bathroom, including allowing the board to request the student’s criminal history documents.

Board member Robert Hundley, Jr., asked to amend the policy to remove that part of the policy, but the board voted against the amendment.

Member George Sutton defended that requirement and cited the Loudoun County Public Schools’ botched handling of bathroom assaults.

“Keep in mind if we’re considering where, for example, a biological boy is going to be allowed access to the girl’s bathroom and there was any criminal activity in that person’s background that relates to this type of situation, we would want to know about that. I would think our people would want to know about that,” he said.

Students and their guardian must submit written requests to school administration, alongside information potentially including statements from the student, a physician or therapist, from the parent or guardian, disciplinary or criminal records, “information related to the privacy and safety of other students,” and documents from other interested parties.