The America Project is building a platform for recruiting, educating, training, and deploying citizens in local elections across the country.

Their goal is to mobilize as many people as possible to serve as poll watchers, poll workers, and election judges for the 2022 election.

Furthermore, they want to organize local election integrity task forces that understand how elections work on the ground so they can ensure the election is being conducted in an honest and transparent manner and abiding to laws dictated by their state legislature.

In a podcast episode released on July 28, 2022, The America Project’s (TAP) Co-Founder Patrick Byrne, a former tech entrepreneur, and TAP President Joe Flynn, a former healthcare entrepreneur, appeared on Joe Oltmann’s “Conservative Daily” to discuss their “Operation Eagles Wings” initiative to get citizens involved in their local elections. 

The effort will target nine swing states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

According to TAP Founder Patrick Byrne, Operation Eagles Wings will educate citizens on everything from grassroots training to election canvassing and fundraising. 

Operations Eagles Wings also plans on training volunteers who will work reaching out to low-propensity voters and educating citizens on the election laws in their locality in order to ensure the American people are informed of the voting process.