A Loudoun County father told “The Faulkner Focus” Friday that a new lawsuit against the public school district was brought because parents feel “corruption of children” is still ongoing.

“I’m a father of five children who’ve gone through [the school system] and I’m involved in local business and different aspects of governance in our area. And I don’t think anyone back in 2019, when this board was elected, saw this coming in the insidiousness of the equity agenda and how it’s actually played out,” Loudoun County parent Clint Thomas said.

Thomas said “thousands and thousands” of other parents, teachers, concerned citizens, and stakeholders in Loudoun County are saying “enough.”

The conservative America First Legal (AFL), through its Center for Legal Equality, filed the lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) “for the district’s systemic and egregious moral corruption of children and its deliberate, and almost gleeful, violations of parental rights to control the upbringing of their children.”

“Parents across the country should be shocked and horrified to see a once-respected school system systematically destroyed, all because LCPS believes that it has more of a right than parents to tell a captive audience of students what they MUST believe,” America First Legal said in a press release Tuesday. “Fortunately, as we have seen, there are no parents with more courage, more fight, and more rock-solid dedication to their children than in Loudoun County, Virginia.”

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