Virginia’s Entire Congressional Delegation Votes for Ban on Russian Energy Imports

Repost from The Virginia Star.

Virginia’s entire congressional delegation, Republicans and Democrats, voted Wednesday in favor of a ban on Russian energy imports. The bill passed 414 to 17, with two progressive representatives and several America-First Republicans voting against the bill.

“Tonight, I voted to send a unified message to Vladimir Putin that we do not wish to enrich Russia as it continues its unjustified invasion into Ukraine. Unfortunately, this legislation and President Biden’s ban will have little practical effect on Russia’s energy profits without a unified effort from our friends in Europe. I call on the Biden Administration to do more to rally the alliance he claims to have built to this cause and impose real economic sanctions on Russia,” Congressman Bob Good (R-VA-05) said in a press release.

Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX-21) spoke against sanctions on Russian energy in a Tuesday floor speech.

“It’s not good enough to ban Russian oil if we’re not going to open up American oil and gas,” Roy said according to Fox News. “All we’re going to do is provide more money to Venezuela, more money to Saudis, more money to Iran, but yet that’s being touted as a victory.”

In his release, Good also called for developing policies to drive down the cost of gas.

“America should be unleashing our energy. America should be taking control of our own resources. America should develop more policies that drive down the cost of fuel for the American people and free our allies from dependence on Russian oil. Sadly, as long as President Biden and Congressional Democrats continue to support a radical climate agenda that hinders America’s economic and national security, the American people will suffer the consequences,” Good said.

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