DISCLAIMER:  I am posting this individual as a sovereign woman, an individual fashioned by my Creator before I was born, and these thoughts reflect my own personal viewpoints and should not be taken or used as legal counsel or advice.  This information is my personal opinion and is only made for purposes of sharing my thoughts.

In March 2020, the entire world entered into uncharted territory as the government supposedly run by “we, the people” decided to impose shutdowns and mandate masks and social distancing “requirements.”

Before I go into this article, let me reiterate that I am a sovereign individual, as are you, and I am capable of thinking for myself and studying and using critical reasoning to observe occurrences, read laws, note trends, and ask questions.  I want you to know that YOU are too, and so are your family members, friends, neighbors, and elected officials.  We are all capable to study and observe how our country is SUPPOSED to run.  I think that’s what we are all after.  

So let’s all put on our thinking caps, get ready to be like Encyclopedia Brown or Nancy Drew, pull resources together, read, note discrepancies between what’s on paper and what’s happening, and the decide what to do about it.  Knowledge is not just power, it’s RESPONSIBILITY.  And I would wager that either we act on our knowledge or we accept the fate of what is to come.  Gone are the days when we let the “politicians” or the attorneys know how our country is supposed to work.  If the Preamble to the “Constitution for the united States of America” starts with the three words “We, the People,” that means you and it means me.  WE must know how this country is supposed to run.  I stand by the fact that the reason we are in such trouble as a nation is that we the people are so unaware of and disconnected from how our country is supposed to run.

Last March I heard then-AG William Barr say that the Constitution was not supposed to be suspended in times of a pandemic.  Exactly!  Our rights are never revoked by our CREATOR, from whom they were assigned!  (Think about that!  They were NOT granted to us by the government!)  However, what I saw next horrified me, and I guess I realized how naive and idealistic I can be.  I think.  I actually choose to believe that I know how this government is supposed to work and I kept sounding the alarm to anyone who would listen that things were deathly wrong in our country.  Sadly, too, I proceeded to lose a lot of “friends.” 

What AG Barr meant was that neither federal nor state laws could be amended to mandate anything, because talk was already being thrown around by the COVID Task Force, namely Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, to start limiting movement.  We remember Flip-Flop Fauci going back and forth on whether individuals should be masked or stay distant from each other.

What shocked me is what happened next.  Despite the clear guidance from the Attorney General of the United States, state governors, most notably for our purposes Governor Northam, started mandating mask requirements.  To make matters worse, what he did was put the onus on establishments to require the masks or face fines for not complying with state executive orders.

I get the fact that we were in the state of national emergency, but several things struck me about these mandates.  The first was that over Memorial Day Weekend, right before Northam announced his mandate, he was seen and photographed less than six feet away from others, and none of those individuals had masks.  Looked like a regular day at the beach to me.  Nothing says “rules for thee but not for me” like the governor of your state cavorting on the beach and then on the next business day appearing in a press conference with a mask on telling the whole state it was time to mask up.

The second issue has to do with how laws are made in this country.  I think the whole “executive order” system needs to be reevaluated.  The news media got on President Trump for making executive orders, but he made far less than any of the presidents preceding him, and we all know now how much Biden likes to make executive actions, all of which have had devastating impacts on the country and on the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Legislation is supposed to be enacted by the legislative body, and the executive branch enforces those laws.  The judicial branch analyzes and rules on the constitutionality of such laws, and adjudicates situations that arise from confusion or breach of the law.  Those are all my analyses of how our three branches of government are supposed to work.

This means that the House of Delegates and the Senate are really responsible for making laws in this state, not Governor Northam.  The judicial branch would have heard a case for the constitutionality of such law if a suit had been brought contesting that.  Nothing worked as it should, and contrary to the advice of the AG at the time, the Constitution seems to have been suspended.

Something is gravely wrong in our Commonwealth when things are done with blatant disregard for the overarching legal document governing our land, and nothing seems to be done about it.  The truth is that we should have been able to enter establishments and move about freely this whole time.  Why were we not?  How many of us still did as we knew we could (knowing that a moral people would have already been acting in the best interest)?  

If you’re reading this post, chances are you already feel this way and want to high five me because we both see things the same way.  How often, then, do you talk about these topics with your friends and/or family?  How can you share and discuss such information?  What can be done to take back the knowledge of the Constitution, the environment in which it was created and was intended to function, and the common (or “natural”) law that accompanies it and really is the way we should govern ourselves?  For sake of brevity, I have to cover “common law” in another post.  But as sovereign individuals given rights by our CREATOR (and not by the state) we are NOT subjects, sheep, a herd, or any of the other terms used by the MSM to describe us (especially not deplorables, unless you wear that term with joy!  I don’t personally like it, but I’ll have a sense of humor and roll with it.) 

Case in point, do you know that I do NOT refer to Governor Northam as MY governor?  It helps that I only moved here in January 2020, but think of it this way.  I know his (lack of) values and I do not align with them at all.  I do not call him my governor because he doesn’t share my values, and he does not govern me.  Who does, then?  By virtue of the rights assigned to me by my Creator, I do, with His guidance, direction, and help.  Though I am happily married, not even my husband governs me.  I am sovereign and I control myself and I am accountable to God and you.  No one else is responsible for me.

I’ll talk about that in a future post.  

What do we do to wrap up this post from today?  

(1) Don’t think for a second we were ever supposed to rescind our rights during a pandemic.  That’s not how this country is supposed to operate.

(2) Don’t think that we should ever “earn” our rights back by performing an act someone else wants us to do.  Think about the jab.  Do you really “get” to walk around maskless again in exchange for an experimental shot that doesn’t have proof it will not harm you?

(3) Don’t think for a second that corporations or stores are supposed to be the enforcers of an unconstitutional law.

(4) Don’t think of someone else as your governor or controller.

Ok, I’ve issued a lot of “don’ts.”  What DO you do?

(1) Look into the original Constitution and start reading it.  Here it is in PDF form.  

The entire website is a great one to browse to look for original documents and start digging on more info.

(2) Talk with your friends and others about this information you are studying.

(3) Understand your rights as protected in the Constitution, and also understand you have a right to say “no” to any unconstitutional mandate.

I have to say again that I am not an attorney and am not making legal recommendations or giving legal advice.  I’m encouraging you to read and study, and to start arming yourself with info.  The more of us stand up in our sovereignty and start working for enforcement of the original Constitution, the more of us will keep making our voices known.

Case in point, several weeks ago when Coke and the MLB went woke, they VERY QUICKLY retracted their positions because “we the people” are far more numerous than we might think.

Go, arm yourself with info!  Understand what rights God gave you, and understand your sovereignty!

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