Written By Heidi Hovan, VFAF Volunteer and Blog Contributor.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing that word a LOT lately.  It’s already pretty prevalent in Virginia, from ODU to Dominion Energy, to — Dominion Voting Systems!?  Have you heard about that?

I won’t go into Dominion Voting Systems on this blog post, because I really do want you to go research it and dig into how it’s connected to the last election, the Arizona Maricopa County audit, and wouldn’t you know, the Antrim County potential audit in Michigan (please pray for that), and, let’s guess, a LOT more.  

Mike Lindell has even said as recently as this weekend that he has some of the Dominion voting machines.

I won’t insert myself into any of the audits or legal proceedings, but if you start with Mike Lindell and Lin Wood, you will find out so much more about Dominion right now.  We have also been covering election integrity on the VFAF calls, so make sure you catch those every Tuesday night at 6pm Eastern at 727-731-4970.  

You know what I notice?  “Dominion” a RELIGIOUS term.  Right in Genesis 1 God tells Adam to have DOMINION over the earth and over every creature God made.  And we have a voting system allegedly (and I believe actually) rigging our most recent elections. That tells me everything I need to know, especially since I don’t believe the results of that tallying system to be accurate.   Time and focus will tell how many of these elections have been manipulated prior to right now, and I continually pray what I read in Luke 8:17, that everything will be brought to light.  It’s just a matter of WHEN.

So, Dominion is a RELIGIOUS word, and we have audits happening right now over whether or not the last election was actually “completely without fraud” (as people I know have claimed, to which I roll my eyes), or if it was stolen, as alleged by millions of Americans.  

At this moment, there are massive efforts to shut down the audit, and hopefully auditS (depending on decisions in Michigan), but if this election was so pristine, WHY?

I think many of us realize we are in a spiritual battle.  God told Adam to have dominion over everything God had created.  If you go back to the founding fathers, they recognized that America was a God-given gift and they sought to steward it richly.  John Adams said, “our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people; it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

However, we see so clearly now that the current establishment would love to institute anything but supporting a moral and religious people.  Everything happening right now seems to attack that rather than hold it up as the beacon of hope that a moral and religious people in this country should be.  To exacerbate the situation, we know that there is a massive dearth in Judeo-Christian ethics in our country, with many of today’s youth abandoning the faith of their parents and grandparents.  

That said, some encouraging statistics from the Pew Research Institute do show that those who belong to and attend a church are overwhelmingly impacting their local communities in a positive way.

But the HUGE question remains – what can be done to follow through on God’s command to our first forefather to have dominion over the earth, and to the founding fathers of this country, who recognized that this nation was to be a Christian nation (America’s Godly Heritage, by David Barton)?

First, PRAY for the audit in Arizona and for the court proceedings in Michigan that will hopefully lead to an audit in Antrim County.

Second, jump on the weekly calls for VFAF, stated above.

Third, look for ways to get involved in your local community.  VFAF is assembling groups to take the lead on ensuring “Virginia First.” 

As we band together and hold hands across this commonwealth, in prayer, we will see change in our community.  One massive factor that has not been considered in this holy battle is the power and intent of God to not go back on His word.  He will accomplish what He sets out to do.

But the risk in such thinking is that we might become compliant and relinquish our authority given to us through Adam in the Garden, and reiterated by Christ on numerous occasions as we see all over the Gospel.  My favorite saying in my business is, “work like it’s all up to you, and pray like it’s all up to God, because it’s really both at play at the same time.”

We don’t like how things are here?  We MUST put our hands to the plows and be found worthy.  We must step up.  God called us to have DOMINION, and we can not stand idly by and just let things get taken away from us any more.

How do you plan to put your hand to the plow?  What ways can you get active in what is happening in your backyard?  If you don’t know what is happening, how can you plug in and start investigating?  We all must stand up together and make a stand!  Start with prayers and then move to action.

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