Written By: Lady For Life / VFAF contributor

VFAF, Virginians For America First, believes in the America First Principles.

One of the most important Principles in my opinion is Pro-Life. Why you ask?

Pro-Life is foundational to our beliefs as a Nation, our actions, our morals, our Spiritual beliefs and values.

Our views regarding Pro-Life even define how we legislate.

Disrespect for Life in the womb leads to a devaluation of every other aspect of our culture.

A lack of respect for Life in the womb opens the door, as evidenced today, to the cancel culture, to anything goes in society, lawlessness.

Without respect for Life in the womb we lose the Standards of Righteousness and Godly boundaries in every realm in our culture.

The lack of respect for Life leaves us with no standards upon which to be anchored. Life Matters! Pro-life principles, respect for Life, reflect our Godly Foundation and Heritage.

Abortion is ancient and found in the Bible, first mentioned and Deuteronomy 18:10.

It is sacrifice of children to the gods, Moloch and Baal, (Satan).

God forbids this unthinkable practice.

Sadly the practice of child sacrifice continues to be practiced by many across the globe in Satanic rituals. (Documentary Out of The Shadows)

Dr Bernard Nathanson who launched the abortion movement repented once the early Sonogram was introduced. (Documentary The Silent Scream)

As he later posited, there’s no denial abortion is not women’s healthcare!

Since abortion was legalized in America we have spilled millions upon millions of gallons of blood.

Many people are not of the belief that life begins at conception.

David wrote in the Psalms, “in sin was I conceived.’”

Sin has never been ascribed to inanimate objects.

I recently viewed Dr. Alveda King’s new documentary Roe v Wade.

This fully documents the history of abortion and the lies upon which it became a stronghold in America. I highly recommend it.

We are at a crossroads in our nation as we fight for our very freedoms and foundations.

I believe Pro-Life is as important an issue as any we face.

Our fight for Pro-Life values defines who we are in relationship to our Creator and the very survival of our Nation in the future.

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