Written By Christine Enright / VFAF contributor

As a nation, we depend on free and fair elections, our rights and freedoms as Americans depend on it. We must be able to trust that the outcome of our elections is honest and true. 

Voter registration lists must be verified and updated for accuracy; no same day of election voter registration allowed. 

We need voter ID, everyone must be able to provide proof of who they say they are, which includes legalized citizens. We only want American citizens voting in our elections. Each voter should be required to provide a valid government- issued state photo ID. This can include, driver’s licenses, U.S. passports, U.S. Military ID, state college ID, or state non-driver’s ID cards.

Vote trafficking or vote harvesting by third parties should be banned. Only a voter or someone designated by the voter should be allowed to deliver an absentee ballot personally. This form should identify the person and relationship of the individual delivering the ballot; be signed by both; and then be given to election officials along with the completed absentee ballot.

Transparency is essential, election observers must have access to the election process. They must be able to observe everything going on except the actual vote cast by individuals. 

Election counts or results should not be released until after the polls have closed. The integrity of our voting system is important and impacts us all, this is a non-partisan issue. As citizens, we deserve to feel confident that our votes are accurately counted and protected.

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