Virginians for America First is in the infancy of its activism, yet volunteers throughout Virginia have hit the ground running. 

In March, VFAF teamed up with Heritage Action for America and West Virginia Family Policy Council to send a clear message to Senator Joe Manchin. We oppose the American-last policies S. 1 (H.R. 1) and S. 393 (H.R. 5).

In April, a Hampton Roads VFAF team was present at the steps of the Virginia Beach School Board building. Many America First candidates, parents, and school board members spoke on leaving the divisive critical race theory curriculum out of the classroom.

VFAF’s goal is to command a strong presence throughout the state to promote America First policies. We want to empower the individual voices of Virginia Patriots, making activism easier by getting involved with our organization.

If you know of an event in your local community and would like to see a VFAF team there, please contact us at [email protected]

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