Virginia has led the way since the arrival of the first immigrants who fled persecution from tyrannical theocratic monarchies, and the oppressive corruption of European societies. These immigrants arrived with hope of creating a new world free of the king’s overseers, feudal lords, and mandated religious practices in conflict with their personal beliefs. They all risked their lives and some their fortunes to cross the ocean to build this society with their own hands as they shed their blood and tears in sacrifice for future generations. We must acknowledge some were forced to come against their will and should be rightly counted as equals and recognized for their sacrifices and contributions.

These courageous individuals, our predecessors, had no guarantees of success or survival. What they did have was hope for a future filled with prosperity and freedom, faith in their God, and a determination to build this future with their own hands and ingenuity. Their struggles and sacrifices created the foundation that gave rise to the greatest nation the earth has ever hosted.

They were certainly not perfect and made mistakes along the way. Their descendants would have to make corrections to ensure all future Americans were able to embrace the original hope of freedom and prosperity. With brilliant and prophetic foresight they designed a system providing a peaceful method to making needed corrections to enhance the freedom of each individual to pursue their dreams and ambitions while protecting the rights and liberties of others to do the same. They understood the necessity to limit the power and size of government and make that government subservient to the governed. This they did in a single document – The Constitution of the United States.

Unfortunately today many ignore, disregard, or forget all that has gone before us and choose a path backward toward tyranny. They actively seek to pervert or destroy the system our founders gave us in the Constitution. They seek to gain personal and political power and control over free people by removing their freedoms and liberties. Today many work tirelessly to expand the size, scope, and power of government and to punish those who dare to think differently.

Virginia gave us Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and many others who left a legacy of Liberty and changed the world for every human being by creating this American Republic.

The spirit of America was first given birth in Virginia.

However, in 2021, it appears the words and works of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and others are being erased by those seeking power and tyranny over the minds of the American people. These petit tyrants embrace the words and methods of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao and seek to divide us as people and destroy our Republic.

Their destructive intentions must be stopped if we are going to save this nation. We must return to principles and practices made law in our Constitution. Freedom and Liberty must be restored to the American people. Government must be bound once again by the limits prescribed in our founding documents.

“Sic Semper Tyrannis” is the motto of our Commonwealth. The time is now to take it to heart. Our system provides us the opportunity to remove tyranny and tyrants peacefully.

It is fitting that since America was first born in Virginia it should be restored in Virginia. We invite all freedom loving Virginians who are willing to work to restore sensible governance to our Commonwealth to join us in this endeavor.

To save America we must begin by saving Virginia.

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